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Oceanic Detox Mask

Session time: 40 minutes
It takes a living ingredient to heal a living system. This detoxification is a natural anti-cellulite, poor-circulation, water-retention, and adipose-deposit treatment. Benefiting from freeze-dried seaweed mixed with essential oils and vegetable extracts, the skin will appear smoother and toned.

Chocolate Mask

Session time: 40 minutes
A relaxing yet energizing mask treatment that makes the skin softer while repairing skin damage caused from the outdoor environment.

Blue Mask Laminaria

Session time: 40 minutes
A strongly firming cool mask that promotes the lifting of aged facial skin.

Vitamin Mask

Session time: 40 minutes
Mask based on oat, acerola and bilberry with repairing, calming, protective and rebalancing properties. An ideal treatment for nervous and sensitive skins lacking in oxygen and prone to acne.

Soya Mask

Session time: 40 minutes
A special mask that stimulates and strengthens the skin’s deep tissues, resulting in immediate visual improvement in compactness, elasticity and muscle tone.

Lifting Mask with Mineral Salts

Session time: 40 minutes
A mask that deeply cleans, detoxifies and purifies the skin. Boosts vitality and energy to the cells, aiding in regeneration and resulting in a renewed complexion with the appearance of tighter pores.


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