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Wine Tasting

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Wine Tasting
History of Santorini wine tasting and wines
The Greek Islands are the perfect place in the world to make wine. There are few country’s that have the right amount of sun and the perfect soil to produce the greatest wine. Santorini has high ground temperature during the day and the soil has the perfect dampness at night to produce wine. Santorini is especially world famous for its strong red wine, but there are there are 36 different types of red and white wines in Santorini. The best time to visit Santorini and taste their wines is the end of August when grape harvesting takes place.
Wine making
The Greek wine making tradition goes back 3000 years. It all begins with the growing of the grapes and making sure that the vines are carefully tended. Once the grapes begin to ripen, a special yeast settles on their skin. Once they have ripened they are picked immediately, due to that fact that that is when they have the perfect amount of sugar.
For the red wines, the grapes are then sorted and are mashed with the skin. The yeast that was formed on the grapes begins to ferment and then turns the sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

For the white wines, the grapes are pressed out, so only the juice of the grapes is fermented.

Fermentation takes several weeks, and after that time the wine is fairly clear. It is then drained to remove the sediments or solids. After this process, the wine is placed in casks for further fermentation. During this process the red wine gets lighter in color while the white wine gets darker.
The wine has to be in the casks for at least 2 years before it is ready for bottling.

Wine tasting is available at:
- Antoniou Winery
- Boutari Winery
- Santo Wines
- Koutsoyiannopoulos winery
- Canava S.A.
- Canava Roussos
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