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Enjoy a Rare Step Out Of Time

Be seduced and inspired by the majesty. Imagine ancient sights and sounds. Let your mind journey and wipe away your cares. Feast your senses on Aegean beauty.



At your feet, the deep Aegean Sea invites you to indulge your senses. Swim in Santorini’s clear azure waters. Yield to the temptation. Perched high on the edge of Santorini’s volcanic mountains, these suites are set in perhaps the most picturesque and celebrated spot in the Greek islands.

Starry night skies and sun-washed days. Hide away on your private terrace. Revel in the island’s peace and exquisite light.


Clear Lines…

Tucked in the cliff of the world famous caldera of Santorini, in the beautiful and artistic village of Oia, these unique apartments are the perfect blend of Greek luxury and tradition.

Elegantly appointed with antiques and hand-grafted furnishings, combine modern conveniences with Cycladic Island charm.


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